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Gratitude Journal

Everyone has something to be happy about. Perhaps they have a loving partner, good health, great kids, a satisfying job, close friends, interesting hobbies or enough food to eat. As time passes, however, it’s easy to forget about everything we have to be thankful for, which is why gratitude journals are such a good activity to help you count all of your blessings.

This gratitude journal will encourage you to write about topics that will help create a happier future. The gratitude journal should be completed on five days of the week, with each entry taking just a few moments. Maintain the diary on a weekly basis.


According to scientific studies, you should quickly notice the difference in mood and happiness, changes that may persist for months.


Portions of the Proceeds from the purchase of the Gratitude Journal will go towards helping the Chrissy T Foundation help provide the much needed school supplies to children in the community. 


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Gratitude turns what we already have into enough.  Start every day with an attitude of Gratitude.  Intense Loves does not measure it just gives.  

Mother Teresa


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